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Uganda Rwenzori

Uganda Rwenzori

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Coffee Name:

Uganda Rwenzori


Bugoye Community, Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda

Tasting Notes:

Dark chocolate and clove, papaya and plum. Heavy body and balanced medium acidity.


Explore the vibrant heart of Uganda through the exceptional flavors of the Rwanda Rwenzori coffee. Cultivated by the dedicated hands of the Bugoye community, this coffee captures the essence of their land's soul. It's a symphony of sensations where the richness of dark chocolate and the intrigue of clove dance in unison, accompanied by the lush notes of papaya and plum. Enveloped in a heavy body and guided by harmonious medium acidity, each sip uncovers the story of the region's dedication to coffee craftsmanship.


- Harvest Schedule: September to December

- Processing: Washed

- Variety: Primarily SL28 and SL14 cultivars

- Altitude: 400 to 580 MASL

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