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Nightflyer Roastworks

Night Owl Blend

Night Owl Blend

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Coffee Name:

Night Owl Blend


Ethiopia Guji G1 Organic Mormora Natural & Colombia Huila Garzón Mitaca Excelso Washed

Tasting Notes:

Ethiopian strawberry and rich Colombian chocolate. Bittersweet notes and velvety body


Journey into the heart of duality with our Night Owl Blend, a captivating fusion of two remarkable worlds. Ethiopian mystique meets Colombian sophistication, as the succulent sweetness of Ethiopian strawberry entwines with the velvety embrace of Colombian chocolate. This symphony of flavors unfolds against the backdrop of two distinct processes—a natural journey and a meticulously washed path. With bittersweet allure and a medium body that cradles your senses, each sip is an invitation to savor the magic that transpires when two exquisite coffees unite.


- Harvest Schedule: Carefully chosen during their respective peak harvest seasons

- Processing: Natural Ethiopian Mormora and Washed Colombian Huila

- Varieties: An embrace of Ethiopian Heirloom and Colombian Caturra, Castillo, Typica

- Altitudes: Ethiopian Guji's heights meet Colombian Huila's elevations in a harmonious blend

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