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Guatemala Finca La Esperanza

Guatemala Finca La Esperanza

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Coffee Name:

Guatemala Finca La Esperanza


Antigua, Guatemala

Tasting Notes:

Chocolate, hints of floral and citrus. Medium body and light acidity.


Enjoy the treasure of Antigua's prestigious coffee realm with our Guatemala Finca La Esperanza. Nestled just beyond the historic city walls, this coffee arrives from a 4.5-hectare (10-acre) farm in Antigua's legendary coffee region. Villasarchí trees now thrive where Bourbon coffee trees once stood, creating a haven for varietal research that reshapes coffee's future.

Handpicked cherries undergo an intricate dance of quality control within our onsite laboratory. As tradition harmonizes with innovation, the result is a coffee that speaks of its origins with a clean cup, a harmoniously balanced body, and a gentle acidity. Dark chocolate notes entwine with subtle hints of floral and citrus, embodying a symphony that soothes the senses.


- Harvest Schedule: January to April

- Processing: Washed

- Variety: Villasarchí and varietal

- Altitude: 1,500 – 2,000 MASL

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