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Nightflyer Roastworks is a touring musician's pipe dream born out of a backyard hobby turned healthy obsession and substantiated in 2015 as a functional business and commercial roastery residing in the great city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Through our diverse travels, coffee shops around the world have inspired our passion for roasting!

As a small batch, artisan coffee roaster, our focus at Nightflyer Roastworks is to bring in the finest coffees from diverse regions and roast them to a profile that highlights the varying and subtle nuances making each bean unique. Only when we have achieved the perfect roast, will we make these coffees available to our customers. When you order from us, you are guaranteed to receive the freshest beans possible, usually roasted and shipped within days of your order! The standards by which we do business will always be hinged upon the concept of quality over quantity. Our beans are roasted in small batches, with the utmost attention to detail placed upon each and every roast. From the seed to the cup, we are dedicated to adhering to a "third wave" culture.

 We have always stood by our belief in organic growth as a company. Over the first two years of operation, we placed time and attention to our skill as craft roasters in an ever-evolving coffee community. We networked with our peers, read countless books, accepted feedback and quietly observed the talent around us. We remained steadfast on our promise to ourselves to allow our product to speak for itself. While we are always striving to do better and learn more, we humbly put forth that our roasted coffee tastes pretty incredible. This approach has led us here; our natural evolution...resulting in the molting of our feathers to reveal our new name and branding, accompanying the exciting announcement that we have relocated our roastery inside of the 4th Ward Uptown specialty coffee bar, Queen City Grounds, located at 644 N. Church Street, CLT 28202! Roasting in-house and supplying a beautifully-designed coffee bar staffed with talented and caring individuals? A musician's pipe dream come true.




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